OEM Solutions

Our HouseCallsSM OEM offering is part the core of our PaaS technology and is intended to provide fine-grained customization through direct API integraion. Our REST-based API was designed for our own telemedicine platform and we are offering it as a standalone product to healthcare IT organizations, health institutions and enterprises interested in their own telemedicine service. Our enabling platform includes everything you need to create a completely branded telemedicine offering and we can provide access to our physician network as well as our call center on an outsourced basis.  Choose which components you need for your deployment and depending on branding requirements we can have you up and running in four weeks.

Our HouseCallsTM PaaS platform is a turnkey OEM telemedicine solution designed to scale with a growing enterprise needs. Integrated with external systems (EMRs, Secure HD Video, messaging, e-Rx, etc.), our technology delivers a powerful platform to healthcare application and systems providers by offering a turnkey embedded telemedicine platform..

HouseCallsSM Overview

MedSymphony was created to empower physicians, health institutions as well as patients with a complete mobile health technology platform.  Our platform includes everything you need to establish a telemedicine practice.


The MedSymphony HouseCallsSM platform as a service (PaaS) is a configurable telemedicine solution designed to scale with a growing business and clinical requirements. Integrated with external systems (EMRs, insurance verification, e-Rx, etc.), our technology delivers a powerful tool to healthcare providers that will extend their ability to reach patients and find appropriate efficiencies.

Key Features

  • A complete cloud-based HIPAA compliant solution
  • Integrated HD video conferencing with built-in device integrations
  • Online eRX through SureScripts
  • SMS and eMail integrations to facilitate the doctor patient communications
  • Robust eCommerce Engine
  • Unlimited Consults
  • Fully branded offering
  • Support for all mobile devices
  • Full scheduling module

Multiple Branded Portals

  • Family & Individual Accounts
  • Patient Profiles
  • Full Medical History
  • eCommerce Engine
  • Secure HD Video
  • Post Encounter Report
  • Multiple Scheduling Options
  • In-consult Chat
  • Mobile Device Support
  • White Label

Core EMR Functions

  • SOAP Notes
  • Media Attachments
  • Secure HD Video Conferencing
  • Automated SMS Messaging
  • Consult Recording
  • eRX through SureScripts
  • Auto complete ICD10 codes
  • Auto complete CPT codes
  • 80,000+ Pharmacies

Contact call 888-781-8414 or email: sales@medsymphony.com