How it Works

In order to participate in an online session, patients simply need to click on a link in the email or the SMS message they’ve automatically received.  MedSymphony takes care of the rest.  It isn’t even necessary for patients to log in.

After clicking the link, the patient will enter our virtual waiting room and will be notified the instant the physician arrives for their telemedicine session.  The patient mobile app uses a simple and highly intuitive interface so that connecting for a videoconference session is fast and easy.

Once the video conferencing session begins, the patient’s full medical history is available for review, allowing the consult to proceed as it would if the physician were in person.  Since MedSymphony already has your patient’s payment information, you can be sure that payment will be collected upon the completion of your telemedicine consult.  Additionally, any prescriptions required may be ordered online and everything is recorded to the MedSymphony EMR