Connected to Surescripts



Connected to Surescripts


The benefits of electronic prescribing (eRX) using Surescripts include: 

  • Connected to 90% of Pharmacies in the USA
  • Transmit electronic prescriptions
  • Database of over 30,000 FDA approved prescription medications.
  • Secure submission of prescriptions to pharmacy of patient's choice.
  • Receive electronic refill requests from the pharmacy and grant or deny them with one touch.
  • Write and send e-prescriptions in a few touches.
  • Complete prescription history tracking
  • Eliminates time consuming phone calls and errors

Below are a few ways of the key online Rx benefits that physicians, health institutions and their patients will enjoy.

  • Easy to use for all involved
  • Physicians and health institutions spend less time on callbacks to pharmacies, thus increasing efficiency
  • Completely eliminates the time spent sending faxes to pharmacies
  • Higher office and staff efficiency, thus reducing labor costs
  • Pharmacy staff can produce renewal request with ease
  • eRx allows for patient’s insurance coverage or health plan to be checked, which may lead to generic substitutions and a reduction in patient cost
  • Increased patient safety in contrast to paper-based prescriptions
  • Eliminates the communication errors resulting from hand-written prescriptions
  • Far greater chance for patients to avoid adverse drug interactions and combinations
  • Improved patient experience
  • Improved quality
  • Patients are more likely to fill prescriptions and take medicine due to ease of eRx, which serves to boost health outcomes

Drug History

eRx empowers physicians, health institutions as well as their patients.  A patient’s drug history can instantly be accessed.  This essential factor allows for potential problems to be spotted and avoided, thus increasing patient safety.  MedSymphony’s online Rx solutions are completely cloud-based, HIPAA and HITECH compliant and designed to integrate seamlessly with our telemedicine and EMR solutions. 

Thanks to MedSymphony, health institutions, physicians and pharmacists now immediately have access to detailed drug history.  Important drug information is updated constantly to ensure accuracy and patient safety, leading to superior health outcomes.

How it Works

eRx, also known as electronic prescribing, allows a physician or health institution to electronically transmit a new prescriptions as well as a renewal to a participating pharmacy.  MedSymphony’s eRx system is highly accurate and dramatically reduces the risk of errors.  Since the prescription is sent electronically, there are both excellent records and far fewer errors. 

The eRx process starts when the prescriber sends in the eRx prescription through our cloud-based and secure system.  Next the participating pharmacy receives the prescription electronic and the prescription is filled.  Finally, the patient picks up his or her prescription, as he or she normally would do.

Online Rx Harmoniously Integrates with All of MedSymphony’s Solutions

eRx works in completely harmony with telemedicine, and it supports the move towards electronic medical records or EMR.  eRx helps medical professionals share highly accurate prescription information quickly with one another.  This factor reduces the risk of the wrong prescriptions being prescribed or filled.  You can also trust that all prescription information is kept completely secure and confidential via MedSymphony’s secure servers.