Virtual Appointments

Some have called telemedicine “the greatest economic and healthcare experiment of all time.”  This technology is opening up vast new opportunity for doctors.  You can now work anywhere you wish and whenever you like.  

MedSymphony helps you get the most out of all that video conferencing has to offer. Regardless of whether its in-person consultations, meetings, doctor to patient, doctor-to-doctor or setting up an entire virtual conference room, we have you covered.

Our secure HD video conferencing offers an array of benefits to the medical community.  MedSymphony HD video conferencing integrates seamlessly, is completely scalable and there is zero infrastructure, setup or maintenance cost.  We literally handle everything via our cloud based HD video conferencing system.  Your communications are secure, and everything works intuitively with your existing technology.  All you and your patients need is access to the Internet and virtually any device, ranging from a PC or Mac to a mobile device or tablet.

Set-Up Quick and Streamlined

Through MedSymphony’s HD video conferencing, you will gain a powerful and easy way to hold doctor-patient consultations, meetings, doctor-to-doctor meetings, set up a virtual conference room and much more.  There is no expensive upfront investment, and you can depend on MedSymphony to handle everything from start to finish.  Neither upgrading facilities nor installing any equipment or software is ever necessary.

You can get started right away with just your existing infrastructure.  Our HIPAA and HITECH compliant solutions do all the work for you.  Contact us today for more information about how our video conferencing technology can be put to work on your behalf.

MedSymphony is an impressive telemedicine tool that transforms how doctors interact with their patients and the world.  This robust all-in-one solution makes telemedicine accessible, easy and intuitive.  Through MedSymphony’s powerful solutions, you can expand your practice or simply to spend less time in the office.

Integrates Seamlessly, No Costly Infrastructure & Completely Scalable

MedSymphony provides high-quality clear audio and HD video, and it works seamlessly on Mac, PC, tablets and mobile devices.  Our Video Conferencing Platform is not just easy to use, but also integrates effortlessly with existing technology.

Large-scale video conferencing systems require installing and maintaining a costly infrastructure, which means restricting the number of users; MedSymphony is different.  There is no expensive upfront investment.  We handle everything and can conveniently scale up or down the output, from one-on-one videoconferences to conferences with hundreds of participants.